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The Boss Lands a Top 10 in His Grand Canyon State Debut

JKL Racing and driver The Boss, JJ Loss made their way to the Grand Canyon State this weekend to compete at Adobe Mountain Speedway in Glendable, AZ.

The rookie to the Adobe Mountain Speedway and Super 600 Winged class got off to a fast start setting 6th quick time in 26 car field.

Advancing from 5th to 4th in the heat put JJ just short of a redraw position and set him up for a mid-pack starting position.

In the caution filled A main The Boss managed to avoid collisions and advance positions from his 11th place starting position to his finishing position of 7th place.

“Overall we are happy with this weekend and looking forward to coming back in two weeks,” Loss said.

JKL racing will be venturing back to the Grand Canton State in two weeks to compete in the NOW600 Non-Wing division.

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