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JKL Racing Unveils Aggressive 2021 Schedule; Spanning 8 States

JKL Racing is happy to announce the tentative 2021 racing schedule. This is subject to change.

Throughout the 2021 season, JKL racing plans to attend over 70 days of racing, spanning competition over 8 states.

Lodi, CA. (January 5, 2021) –

Setting up for a breakout year JJ Loss, the 2020 Dixon Rookie of the year, and JKL Racing are ready for a massive schedule that extends across 8 states and 70+ days of racing.

Kicking off the year will be the first round of the NOW600 Cactus Region at Adobe Mountain Speedway, Glendale, AZ

The team will race the majority of races in the central and northern California regions as well as traveling to a variety of high profile events across the midwest.

The California Graphics Co., KPR, Competition Suspension Incorporated (CSI), Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Freedom Offroad, Bev & Norm Warner, ISC Racers Tape, No. 67 micro will compete the majority of the season in two 2021 D1 Gen III chassis powered by Seros Racing Engines.

Be sure to follow JJ Loss and JKL Racing online, as well as on social media: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube:

2021 Highlights and Statistics: Won respective D-Main in first-ever Tulsa Shootout/Stock Non-Wing start. Qualified for Winged Outlaw and Non-Wing Outlaw C-Mains at Tulsa Shootout.

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